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Its like the second coming of christ, only it pwns it
by comparison.

The ancients thought it would be like a meteor, well,
they were close.

When it is released all the fans will rejoice, and the
noobs, left in the dust. Because blizz kept the system
we love most and simply, gave us the panormaic view
we so desired, to see a wave of lings coming at you
from eye level, or to see it up close as your noob
parter runs away with his workers after you bs him
for making cannons.

brief back history: the monothiestic believe that to make ammends for creating aids and giving azns access to numeric keys (ex. 4ZN 4 L1F3)god, as it were, gave some stoned nerds at a lil hole in the wall called blizzard a few bucks and they then, created the best game ever. the end
n00b: I am a retard, and have no clue whatsoever about
what is good for me or the world in general my hobbies are masterbating on strip linsay lohan levels and wasting bnets bandwidth, sometimes i use hacks, is
starcraft a good game cause I heard about starcraft 2.

me: go to hell noob
by I pwn lil kids February 17, 2008

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