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n. The Mazda RX-7 is a Japanese-make automobile which is powered by a "Rotary Engine". This Rotary engine was desgined by the Germans. It was originally designed to be a bolt-on supercharger for motorcycle engines. During experimentation, the engineers realized it could used as an engine. It consists of a circular crankcase that holds a crankshaft with a large triangular lobe. After much deliberation, the Germans decided the engine was underpowered and inferior to the standard engine and they sold the desgin to Mazda; the only company dumb enough to power their cars with a rotary engine. In the past many Mazda models have been powered with rotary engines but now only available in the RX series. The rotary engine is unrealiable, wears, and has bad mileage, and the new Mazda RX-8 is the only car I've heard of that produces UNDER the advertsied horsepower! (Not necessarily a good thing when it's the flagship vehicle of your brand...) But what do you expect when you try to power your sports car with a motorcycle supercharger?
Dick: "Wow, did you read the Car and Driver review for the mazda RX-8? They rave about it; but then again, they like any car if it's Japanese..."

Tom: "Yeah I was looking forward to the new RX too, but the Associated Press and Consumer Reports say it's underpowered. 15% weaker than advertised actually... Mazda even realeased a statement saying they will drop the price about $1000 to make up for the lack of performance."

Dick: "Wow. All that hype... only to crash and burn... and that was real big of them to drop teh price a WHOPPING $1000..."

Tom: "Yeah. Mazda is a bunch of dicks"
by I know my car shit! January 19, 2005
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