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If you havent been here for a Hawkeye game, or spent a weekend at the bars, you know nothing of it..... Iowa City has the biggest bar in the Big 10, and is renowned everywhere in the midwest. beware though, the 5-0 are a bunch of a$$holes, and because there's so much fun and underage drinking, they employ QUITE a force. If you're getting drunk downtown just remember to wear your sleeves long so they (cops) cant see your lack of wristband. Other than that there are 40,000 kids ready for whatever and Playboy Magazine nominated Burge Residential dorm the top 10 places to get laid in America in 95. if you can keep your head on straight and balance a lot of fun with hard work, you'll be 'A' okay.. if not... you'll probably drop out, but not before the best semester of your life....
blasted, f-ed up, smashed, herky, liberal iowa, homefront, Iowa City is the greatest place.... in the midwest
by Houlo October 08, 2005

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