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The guitar/bass effect used in porn groove.
Bow wow wah chicka chicka wah wah chicka wowwwwww
Chicka bow chicka wow wow bow chicka wah chicka wowwwwww.
by Hotdog Willie December 06, 2006
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A show that has many lovers and many haters, but I, for one, like it a lot. They recycle jokes a lot, but there's always one that just cracks me up. They're one of the few shows that can actually make physical humor funny (They have great timing).
Family Guy is funny, but here are some recurring jokes I'm REALLY getting sick of:

1. A group of the characters are involved in some argument or action packed scene but somehow find themselves in casual conversation.

2.Spontaneous showtunes where the lyrics aren't comedic (Seriously, they're just filler for two minutes of airtime).

3. Pop culture references from before I was born (I don't get them!)
by Hotdog Willie December 22, 2006
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