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Lesbian sex is the sweetest thing in the world. Guys enjoy watching it, girls enjoy doing it.
Grace heard a knock on the door. She walked to open it, and saw Kate staring seductively back at her.
"Kate, what are you doing here?" Grace asked.
"Oh, I just thought we could hang for a bit." Kate replied. She followed Grace into the living room where they sat on the sofa and watched TV.
Grace felt the tension between them. "Maybe I should change it to something more appropriate..." she said, getting off the couch and digging in a trunk. She pulled out a lesbian sex DVD.
"Oh, yeah..." Kate whispered.
The two girls sat and watched the movie, each of them growing quietly wetter and wetter. All of a sudden, Kate stood up, and pulled down her panties from under her skirt. She tossed them away, and began to stroke Grace's bare legs, feeling up her skirt and onto her pantie-covered minge.
"Come on, Gracie, don't dissappoint me..." she whispered. She held Grace's fingers and pulled them to her own soaking pussy, where she made Grace's hands move in a rhythm. Grace soon moved of her own accord, slowly but firmly stroking Kate's clit. Kate pulled down Grace's panties, and proceeded to feel Grace's wet pussy.
The two girls undressed each other until they were down to just their bras. Grace pulled off Kate's with her teeth, exposing her huge breasts. Grace began to suck Kate's nipple, nibbling at it, and licking it all over. After she was done, Kate did the same to Grace.
Grace hooked Kate's leg over her shoulder and began to eat her out, penetrating and licking and sucking with her wet tongue. Kate shuddered with happiness. She could feel herself peaking to an orgasm.

Grace slipped her fingers easily into Kate's soaking pussy and began massaging, rubbing, creating that delicious friction they both loved. She suddenly hit Kate's g-spot, and with rhythmic, loving thrusts, she made Kate's body shudder and sigh with the biggest orgasm she had ever had.
Kate repeated the process to Grace, licking and sucking and giving her passionate kisses, feeling her breasts and clit. Suddenly Kate clambered onto Grace, their wet pussys clapping together as they grinded against each other. The slap-slap was the sexiest noise either of them had ever heard.
Then they scissored, and kissed more, and massaged each other's breasts. Grace found her vibrating back massager, and they took it in turns sharing wonderful orgasms. They fell asleep, naked and wet and quivering, after four long hours of glorious sex. They woke up in each other's arms in the morning - and repeated it.
by HotLesbian July 22, 2009

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