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A beautiful yellow boned girl with a spunky, nuique personality that automatically draws people near her. She is a popular, loyal, friend. And always stands up for what she thinks is right! she has a fiery personality and a kind heart. She is HIlarious and her good sense of humor draws the attention of mant (good looking) men. The japanese translation of sada is peace love and happines.
"WOW, i wish i was a sada"

"God, shes like a angel... just like a Sada"

Hot Guy 1: Dude, i so wish i had a Sada right now...
(Pretty girl walks by)
Hot Guy 2: Dude, look you can totally tell thats a Sada right there
Hot Guy 1: OH.MY.GOD. I need that Sada

This world needs more Sada's... it would be soo teriffic and pretty
by Hot Guy 2 December 23, 2010
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