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Easily the sexiest, most erotic kind of female in the universe. A female bodybuilder is a superior kind of woman. She is in touch with her femininity, and she realizes that her inner being is power, not weakness. Because she is so in touch with her inner power, she develops her muscles to an astonishing degree, able to lift incredible masses of weights that most men are unable to touch. She does this in order to break from the cage that society puts women in, to show that she is a powerful individual who no one can restrain.

Many men are unable to admit their attraction to these powerful women, for societal stereotypes indicate that women are supposed to be thin, whiny, and submissive. Female bodybuilders threaten that stereotype to such a degree that most men are threatened by them. Similarly, men are threatened by the fact that these women are far more muscular and far stronger than them, for it makes them feel that they are not living up the their stereotyped gender role of being the 'dominant provider.' Yet nearly all men, at a deep unconscious level, are very attracted to these powerful women, and only the real men are able to admit it to themselves.

Female bodybuilders are more often than not extremely kind, energetic, and resourceful. They spend their time wisely, fit more into a day than most people, and truly grab life by the horns. They are a threat to many, yet they are sexy beyond belief. They are also known to be better than any other kind of woman in bed.
Jim: Dude, the other day I saw a female bodybuilder in the gym. I was so turned on that I couldn't even do my workout!

Ted: Man I'm jealous. I woulda blown my load on the spot!
by HonestAbe127 August 13, 2011

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