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A god among cats. His obesity can only be comprehended by those he sees worthy of living. Lives in the home of a young misunderstood child who obtained a gay hairdo. He lets a person know when he needs something by yelling out the call of the gods, also known as "MAOOOOOWWWWWW". The sworn protector of homer, who homer chooses after rigorous training and mental exhaustion, is given the task of writing the definition of Homer. Fear Homer for he will strike fear into the heathens. He weighs about 23 pounds and change right now but soon to be more.
Greg: Man Homer was so fat today
Kenjo: Are you fucking serious? He's fat everyday lol!
Greg: I guess so but today he seemed fatter
Kenjo: Well it happens like that lol!
Jon: I love my mohawk, it's a beatiful mohawk!
Greg: You're gay
by Homer Guardian August 30, 2006
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