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An awesome country located in the north of Europe, wedged between Russia and Sweden, and tends to experience particularly cold winters. Finland is also known as 'The Land of a Thousand Lakes', due to much of the country being lakes. The main tongue of the country is Finnish (surprisingly enough), but a minority also speak Swedish. The country's capital is Helsinki (located in the south of Finland). The country is well known for a variety of things, including but not limited to: fucking amazing metal bands (such as Mors Principium Est, Amorphis, Wintersun, Kalmah, Norther, Apocalyptica, Children Of Bodom, Ajattara, Turisas, Ensiferum, Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium + loads more), rally drivers, ice hockey players, alcoholic beverages (such as 'Finlandia' Vodka), and locals tending to have the ability to down just about anything alcoholic with ease.
All Finnish people I have spoken to have been generally awesome, laid-back, hilarious metal heads. They also tell me Finnish beer is awesome, I have yet to try some.
Finland is the place you want to be.
by HollyGodarkly April 02, 2008

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