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Officials Program of Excellence - Hockey Officials

an officiating talent identification and training program for elite officiating prospects, which extends beyond Branch officiating development. The OPOE is a partnership, which includes Hockey Canada and it’s Member Branches, the National Hockey League and the Canadian Hockey League. All partners bring together resources in order to foster a rewarding development opportunity for officials identified and trained in the OPOE.

Branches will continue to develop officials through the Branch Camps. Branches will identify top officials from these Camps to be nominated for attendance at the Regional POE Camps. Branches are to use the following criteria when nominating candidates for the Regional Camps.

Officials in this program often need to pass a 50 question test, 2 mile run, and sit-ups and push ups

they are also required to do Pay Backs which is going to a rink to supervise a younger official.
Gary Fox got invited into the OPOE he is now able to get invited to do national tournaments as well as work leagues such as the CHL, NHL, AHL, ECHL, ETC
by HockeyCanada992 October 25, 2009
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Program of Excellence - Hockey

a high performance program that offers elite athletes the opportunity to represent their province and beyond

it is usually the first step a young hockey athlete takes en-route to a career in the business of hockey.
Johnny Little got invited to the under 16 Program of Excellence (poe) camp. After doing good in the camp he got selected to play for the Under 16 Team Canada team and was also drafted into the CHL
by HockeyCanada992 October 25, 2009
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