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*The Modern Prep*

Gee, I learned the word preppy from urban dictionary.com by reading more than 20 definitions.

I guess, preppy is a life style, if you guys wanna call it that. (Most of the definition writers are probably wanna-be preps anyway, thinking that they're preps :D, or girls lol. you guys are pathetic, and preppy girls hate, A&F girls awww... prob coz the A&F guys look better and they can't get em? lol)

But you guys definately want to segregate yourselves from the rest of the world, thinking your so special. I guess, I would do the same if I could have. But I guess I can't cause I'm poor as shit. (and now I know what you preps think about yourselves, I would never want to be a prep, and so I go beyond the prep. Preps suck, and I will shit on preps.)

And so, that is why they exist, the modern prep:
1) Simple One, or two colored clothings.
2) Stripe is too sophisticated design.
3) Do not follow the trend.
4) Do not follow other preps.
5) Wear and do what you enjoy.
6) Express by dressing.
7) You are naked without a necklace or bracelet
8) You do not wear rings, because they're uncomfortable.
9) You have long shaggy hair.
10) You have deep thoughts but you don't tell other people because it's not possible to communicate.
11) You do not brag.
12) Must have more than 20 polos, even same colors. You even have more than 2 jeans that are exactly the same.
13) Non-baggy/Non-tight Jeans.
14) Ripped Jeans.
15) Ripped white plain hanes with holes.
16) Pants are all over 100 bucks.
17) Buy expensive wear, and rip the brand tag off ( around the left nipple area )
18) You are not scared.
19) You are intelligent and do extremely well in school. 3.6gpa and up
20) You enjoy by doing, not talking
21) You are not a hypocrate.
22) You listen to classical music, and donetello's david is your favorate sculpture.
23) You make your own music.
24) You are a great drawer/painter.
25) You are creative.
26) You do not listen to anybody/anything, you are motivated by what you like.
27) If it's been done before, you abandon it.
28) Modern preps don't get along with other modern preps.
29) You hate religion.
30) You do not have group sex.
31) You don't meet somebody that night and sleep with him/her.

Then you're a modern prep.

BUT you will never be it even if you wanted to because:
1) You're not smart enough.
2) You're a hypocrate.
3) You're your parent's slave.
4) You're scared.
5) You think that religion may exist, while we burn bibles.
6) You're not artsy, and thus can not be a true thinker.
7) Never will be extremely rich.
8) ** You think you're satisfied with your life. While others keep climbing up. If this motion is relative, you will be down someday :D **
The preps looked like nothing but geeks in the face of modern preps.
by History May 23, 2005

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