1 definition by HillZilla

off the bench refers to a person, place or thing that is mad crazy and awesome. the bench is some sort of metaphorical "normal track" of life, because it is straight and confined. When a player (person) is "on the bench", they aren't playing the game (of life). to be off the bench is one who A. goes against the norm and B. enjoys life to its full extent.
1. "why are you wearing that crazy hat around town?"
"maybe if you get off the bench noob, you'd know."

2. "did you see that cat eating with chopsticks? wow, that kitty is WAY off the bench."

3. "i was going to go to the supermarket here in town, but the one in the next district has a water slide out back. how off the bench is that?"
by HillZilla May 26, 2010
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