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A city close to 250,000 people, located in the centre of Saskatchewan. It's motto is "At least we're not Winnipeg." Some of the weirdest people in Canada live here. Plagued by crime, mental illness, substance abuse, geriatrics and terribly long winters. The city features the worst race relations north of the Mason-Dixon line, with stupid bigoted Whites and bigoted walking stereotype Natives. It has a good University, crappy schools and a pleasant river valley. There's some hope to be had for Saskatoon's future but with considerable brain-drain and the inept mayor Don-Don Atchison things are likely to go awry.
Person 1: "Wanna go on Welfare, get drunk, dress in sweats everyday and chain-smoke?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I'm a total waste of human resource!"
Person 1: "Great, let's move to Saskatoon."
by Hester H.L>Mofet May 08, 2013
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