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A very wealthy town in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Bordered by both Hermosa & Redondo Beaches, Manhattan is known for its beautiful homes, luxury cars, and expensive boutiques. Many Los Angeles businessmen and entertainment bigwigs keep homes here. The three "districts" of the city are as follows:
Sand Section - Noted by its close proximity to the ocean, this neighborhood is primarily identified with the paved concrete path running parallel to the beach called "the Strand". Oceanfront homes here are generally priced from 8-15 million dollars. More "reasonably" priced homes a short walk from the sand on one of the famous walk-streets are priced from 3-6 million. The Sand Section is extremely densely populated and parking is sparse, usually limited to residents, guests, and those willing to feed their life savings into a meter that will inevitably be broken.
Tree Section - The cheapest part of Manhattan Beach. Mainly single family homes with small yards on streets with ample vegetation. Parking is painless here. Some homes are a walkable distance from the beach, though not many. Most of MB's mortal families live here. That is, those with household incomes below $300k/year.
Hill Section - Ritziest part of town, most homes are gigantic with massive yards, pools, spas, and decks made of imported Brazilian wood. Many of the hilltop homes afford spectacular ocean views (these are the costliest), though none of the Hill Section's residents are very close to the beach. Prices range from 4-8 million, with new construction often fetching in excess of 10 million.
Manhattan Beach is LA's nicest suburb, by far!
by HermosaBoi90254 September 29, 2007

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