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Fucking sweet. Pipe is totally legit, like Slater on Saved by the Bell. It's bona fide like Mike Johnson. Sweet like Yoshi's power slide in Mario Cart. It's rawer than Paris Hilton and realer than Lindsay Lohan.

If you think you know, you have no idea. Pipe is bouncier than Pamela Anderson's boobs on baywatch, its truer than Barry Bonds on steroids, its cool like Vin Diesel in Tokyo Drift but hot like a pound of wasabi in your face.

If you're not pipe, you're nobody.
"Dude, you have a 64" plasma, an infinity pool, and a guitar playing midget!? That's totally pipe!

"That party was pipin', never seen so many hot chicks in my life"

"You met the Dali Llama? That's so pipe!!"

by Hasnain and Brint October 22, 2007

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