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Free, limited cable TV that one can access by connecting directly, without a box, to the cable outlet in an urban apartment building, typically New York City. Such access usually includes the major broadcast channels, public access, the "UN Channel" and the Food Network.
Hipsterette: "You going to watch The Sopranos tonight?"
Hipster: "No, I'm gonna watch some NOVA and a shitty movie on TBS. I only get building cable."
by Harvey Wallbanger III April 19, 2006
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Pejorative term for emo rock.
"After his girlfriend broke up with him, George locked himself in his room all day listening to sad boy rock. A little more Death Cab, or Bright Eyes, and I would've had to pry a razor from his hands."
by Harvey Wallbanger III June 21, 2006
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To get wasted off of Chimay, the great Belgian Beer, brewed by Trappist Monks.
I drank 2 bottles of Grande Reserve last night- and got chmitfaced!
by harvey wallbanger III May 04, 2005
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