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Roxburgh (pronounced: ROX - Brahh) is a scottish name from the southern highlands. Roxburgh castle was the setting for many scottish battles, and its the coolest last name anyone could have.

Roxburgh is commonly pronounced incorrectly

other forms: Roxborough (not as cool)

famous people: Richard Roxburgh - not only does he have the coolest last name ever, but comes from Australia DUALCOOL (Roxula)
"hey, im writing a script and i need a cool last name"
"omg you should totally use Roxburgh"
"wow you have the best taste EVAR!"
by HarRox July 23, 2009

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when something is cool, and something else is really cool and comes along to join it. or instead of saying "thats double cool, or cool x2" etc you should say dualcool.
"wow that guy looks cool"
"hey theres another cool-looking guy"
"and they're meeting together"
"omg thats double cool"
"i think you mean dualcool"


"that really cool actor in that movie is dating that really cool singer"
"thats dualcool"
by HarRox July 23, 2009

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