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Reese is Beautiful, possibly the prettiest girl in the entire universe. All the guys crushing on her. Skinny legend barley eats lunch. Amazing friend with beautiful curly brown hair and amazing light eyes that you get lost in everytime you look her way. All the guys falling over her, though some chose to not..1% She has so many friends..and they all are hilarious. Reese knows how to have a good time and when to stay serious! She is so fun to be around and gorgeous to look at. I love you reese give me a chance!
Person 1: Reese looks so gorgeous today much like everyday I wish she was mine.

Person 2: Don’t we all wish, whoever is lucky enough to land her they are ultra lucky.

Reese: Hey guys what’s up!
by Happydays14 March 25, 2019

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a school where everyone is gay asf except for a couple of girls and they all are extremely fake and will drop anyone for no reason and the teachers don’t do shit for bullying bc they don’t care and there’s cryin going on everyday
do you go to holy family?

me: yeah why?

them: ur prob gay asf
by Happydays14 February 28, 2020

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