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Tradcuck is the worst type of blue-pill traditionalist and white knight fused with the behaviors of a cuck. The Tradcuck will make any excuse and employ any type of illogical “argument” to absolve “their women” of women’s actions and behaviors. Similar to the cuck, the Tradcuck can see no wrong in “his women,” so it must be society’s fault, other men’s fault, and/ or some loony conspiracy responsible for women’s actions. Similar to a cuck, the Tradcuck will accept any behavior from his wife/ girlfriend, because he might get access to that sweet sweet dank hole, which he already sold-out everything else to periodically access.
Tim turned into a Tradcuck, when he started blaming single red-pill men for everything “his women” do and the destruction of the so called traditional family. He turned into a gibbering idiot, who invents conspiracy theories to excuse women’s innate behaviors and desires.

Jenny is having fun riding the cock carousel, while Alt-right Steve blames other ethnic groups and single men for her actions. Steve is a typical Tradcuck, who will always attempt to make a “traditional woman” out of her, while blaming her actions on all the single men she rides and the single men wanting nothing to do with her. Steve should lighten up and let everyone go their own way.
by HappyJack1776 July 22, 2018
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