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1. An anus which has been probed and penetrated to the point that one's head will fit inside their respective anal cavity.

2. Anal cavity that can entertain objects 12 inches in diameter or larger.
Hey John, get your fingers out of your asshole! You already have a slim dumas. You want to end up with a flaccid, amorphous gaping dumas too?
by Ham Glaze Washington November 26, 2010
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This term originally died out with the extinction of the Western Maryland Pygmy sometime around the 5th century BC; however, recent sightings in the mountain country of Frederick County, Maryland have necessitated its resurgence.

1. A penis so small that it periodically turns inside out.

2. A penis so puny that it's sometimes bruised by the testicles.

3. A penis so miniscule that it can best be seen through the corresponding gaping dumas.
This slim dumas is so uncomfortable; maybe if I probe and penetrate my anus enough I can pop my manhood right side out.
by Ham Glaze Washington November 23, 2010
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