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A beaver type pokemon with huge front teeth, abnormal sized head and chewed up clothes.

Special Abilities:
-Plays WoW while eating tv dinners
-Eats mcdonalds Filet-O-Fish to match the scent of himself. (Smells like home)
-Wears Nicholas' ballz on his face
-Attempts to play soccer but gets tired very easily and rests while bending over gets sacked credit card style (Someone comes behind you and attacks you full force with there fingers and sacks you)
-Plays on his ipod and buys applications because he is a true fag and even though people tell him to get free games he yet still buys more and never stops playing monkeyball because he is a fag because he is a fag and because he is a fag.
-His ultimate attack is when he makes a screech sound and his sister and him form a super huge beaver called adranatafag or in slang octobeaver. There attack charges and then they release gas and start chomping at there opponents, sounds pretty gay but is super effective on all.
(Go Beaverton!

Beaverton does "Plays Wow".
Your pokemon has selfdestruct because it is a fucking loser. This pokemon will never level up because it cannot gain experience. Therefore if you continue to use Beaverton you are a loser aswell.

Beaverton has fainted.)

Ash: Wtf, omfg I just traded my xbox360 for this new 951th pokemon. Wow fucking adrafagvagpussyhoven.
by Hailey Mckelvy September 17, 2009

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