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A semi-sporting event involving the pushing over of bovine livestock.

The origins of this sport are unknown and there are few set rules.

The aim of the game is for a small team of "tippers" (often numbering from 3-10) to successfully sneak up on a cow, without detection, and push over or "tip" said cow until it is laying completely horizontal on the ground. The tippers then flee the field to a pre-arranged safe area not in the same field as the cow and not on the land of the farm owner, this safe area is often the home of a tipper or a local public house.

The use of tripping aids, such as ropes, is allowed in this sport and are often deployed in two pronged pincer moves against the intended target.

There are hazards in this sport. The main of which is of the course the cow itself. Often after being tipped the cow may give chase on it's attackers and potentially gore them (horns permitting), there is also a risk of a team member being crushed by the cow as it falls.

Pregnant and nursing cows are not permitted to be tipped in this sport. Bulls are fair game and worth more points because of the increased risk. Multi-tips are also worth more points.

Multi-tips are achieved when a team of tippers successfully tip more than one cow in a field before exiting gaining two points for each additional cow after the first. ie. the first cow is 1pt. the second/third/fourth/fifth etc. are worth 2pts.

Cow 1pt, additional cows 2pts.
Bull 2pts, additional cows 3pts.
Bull 2pts, additional bulls 5pts.

Rules and scoring may vary according to counrty, region and local custom.

Only one round may be played in each field of cows, as soon as any team member leaves the field the round is over and the score finalized. This game can be played by any number of teams of equal size.
Cow-tipping is not a recognized sporting event, however it is found is many countries around the world.
by HailandKill December 18, 2007

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