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A.K.A. Nuclear Hatewave:

A harsh and modern form of musical performance which reflects the unforgiving physical and social climates of Northern Canada.
Hatewave is a derivitive of an ancient Carrier-Tsek'ehne ceremony performed to expel hate from the earth and drive away evil lurkers while inviting noble spirits to dwell within the local community.
The music is an intense and focused sound made by a large variety of sources.
The style has been revived in Southern Ontario by a group of anthropologists known as the MolokoVellocet group, among others.
"I feel dirty and violated. I need to go to a hatewave"

"Hey, do you have any hatewave CD's?"

"ha na lhe oos ke
e ji’ult’oh
sub tembur 2 des
nated nassau 1904
whu ut ja
1905 whu bidduddassu"
by Haarv September 01, 2006
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