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The pubic hair that trails down the inside leg. The southern-style happy trail.
That girl over there is wearing booty shorts and I can see her saddlestraps!
by HYBriD47 September 02, 2006
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An extremely sick and twisted individual who is allowed to convey their insanity through the use of public access television. They may also develop short 'films' or 'documentaries' which are to be avoided at all costs only if your a complete loser and have no sense of humor.

Acronym: FML
"Dude, you check out FML TV(Fatty Mclards TV) last nite? Mad funny fake news skit I literally peed my pants. Literally."


"Fatty McLards beat up an old person with cancer on his last show, it was totally tits!"

by HYBRiD47 November 24, 2005
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