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The ugliest piece of shit ever invented... the freaking japs are just angry that all their cars look like shit so they have to bring the ugliness to america. the prius is mostly driven by middle aged people going through a midlife crisis.. well heres an idea and shove your prius up your goddamn middla aged ass and shut the fuck up i think that everyone should buy a hummer and play demolition derby with all the little priuses in the world so that way we can flatten all of the uglies that drive a prius... ya digg?
Person 1: wow i love my new prius
Person 2: Was it white?
Person 1: Yeah why?
Person 2:sorry i flattened it with my hummer because it looked like an oversized rodent and/or a wedge of cheese
by H8 prius August 04, 2009
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well the name pretty much sums it up.. shes a creature and you only want to see her at night because its dark so you cant see her.. she is attracted to anything and everything.. so if she knows where you live you are screwed! she starves for attention so if she texts you "conviently"dont text back... when she sees a prius you will hear "Fuck yo Prius" simply reply "fuck your mouth" shuts the little creature up right quick! also she goes for the much younger boys so if you have a child lock it up... you'll thank me later
If you feel repulsed or sick the creature of the night is near
by H8 Prius August 04, 2009
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