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A CreepyPasta of average fame, Laughing Jack is what is known as a clown. He is, of course, murderous. His preferred method of killing is slicing open the stomach of said victim, removing the inards and stuffing the body with candy. Before he kills his victim (usually a young child), he becomes "imaginary friends" with them. Said child is then comfortable with Laughing Jack coming into their room, and will suspect nothing when he murders them. In the original CreepyPasta introducing Laughing Jack, it is said that after the parent discoveres the boy is murdered, they accidentally stab the boy in the heart, in an attempt to stab Laughing Jack. When the authorities arrive, it looks like the parent had murdered the boy herself. The parent was charged with insanity and was sent to a mental institution. There is never an explanation for what happened to Laughing Jack, so we can only imagine that he is still at large.
Boy: Papa, is Laughing Jack real?
Father: Laughing Jack is a child's story for cowards.
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