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A combination poser and douchebag whom has an apparent deep psychological need to appear tougher (pronounced "harder" by dudebros) than they really are. Characterized by an over-eagerness to cram slang into at least every fifth word in any given sentence, this is in fact the root of their name. The dudebro is often seen driving an over-sized 4x4 truck with lift-kit (that will never go off-road as long as he owns it) and giving hard looks to people in traffic as he cuts them off in traffic at break neck speed. Additionally the dudebro truck is distinguished further by its rear window stickers, usually the Oakland Raiders (sometimes other football teams but never any other sport) and/or some lame metal band no one has ever heard of.
That gay ass dudebro cut me off!

"Like, dudebro, like, step off or I'll, like, totally fuck you up, like, man!"

"Bra, like, dude, check out my, like, sweet, like, ride, man, I'm totally fucking taking this, like, off-road, dude, like next week totally... nah, dudebro, seriously, bro!"

douchebag, poser, bro, dude, bra, gwetto, pansy, pansie, tough talk
by Gwangi September 30, 2007
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