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Only used for those who have transcended from mere douche, to a higher level of douchebaggery. Describes a person who doesn't just act like a douche, they live like it. Most can only obtain this infamous title after training for the better part of their lives in the ancient arts of Taekwondouche, passed down by the elder D-bag monks of the Appalachian Mountains. A Douchenheimer will most likely be offended if you refer to them as lowly douche, and correct you in the douchiest way possible, as to show off their talents. Once one reaches the rank of Douchenheimer he is gifted with a special collared shirt, reinforced with steel so there's no possible way for it to not be popped. The Douchenheimer is revered by douches, hated all.
Guy 1: Whoa...

Guy 2: What's wrong?

Guy 1: That... thing over there, what is it? I wanna call it a douche but...

Guy 2: I'm afraid that's no mere douche. It's... a Douchenheimer!
by Guy who knows about douches March 27, 2010
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