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A church that really knows how to use the First Amendment, with thier ridiculous signs saying "God Hates Fags", and "Thank God for 9/11". You can compare them to nazi's and the KKK, but they are basicly the same just not violent. Just a buntch of ignorant fucks that hate anything that says something bad about them. Intstead of saying God Hates This and that, they should just say "Westboro Baptist Church Hates..." and so on. But then people wouldnt give a shit now would they?

They recently came to NJ to come to a couple of High Schools. They failed horribly since most schools closed early and they were standing outside with they're pathetic picket signs. Only a laughable 6 came to my school and no one was there to say anything about it, talk about a waste of time and effort.

Instead of wasting time and blaming other religions and people on problems, they should just blame themselves for giving Americans and Christians a bad name.
Apperently Westboro Baptist Church hates UD too, who cares? Now they hate NJ even more since im from there. If you want more of their bullshit, go to there site. JFGI.
by Guilty Sir November 02, 2009
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