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A girl who is nice,funny,beautiful,and full of joy.She is sometimes stubborn.She always puts her family first above all.She mostly thinks about what bests for the people she cares about more than herself.Shes a good Cook and is very caring of the people she meets.She puts her friend before her too.She loves them and doesn't throw away what they have.She's not selfish.She will only have one crush once in a while but barely.She turns red when she talks to boys.She turns red because she's shy.She feels like she's not good enough.But she's very overprotective of family and friends.She's also confident. If you get to date a Hennessy you'll be very lucky because hennessys are rare.If you date a Hennessy will love and put you above all.She has a great sense of humor.So if you get a chance try and take because she stubborn and will probably not give u a second chance.
Hennessy is amazing!!<3
by Guada26 December 16, 2017

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