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1 definition by Grounder

Each week, Xzibit jacks a white boy's car, takes it to his crib - West Coast Customs - strips it, sells the parts to his homies and paints it neon green with a roller.

Before returning it to the unsuspecting dupe, he replaces the interior with stupid shit relevant to the owner's interests (according to the dupe's so-called friends).

For example, say the victim loves pizza: Xzibit will rip out the glove-box and replace it with a pizza oven. Just some of the many hilariously useless accessories Xzibit and his crew have managed to stuff into their customers' rides:

* A fishtank in the backseat of a Mitsubishi Mirage -

* A bowling ball polisher in the trunk of an Acura
Legend -

* A clothes dryer in the back of a VW Microbus -

* A 10" monitor under a Toyota 4Runner -

* A fireplace in the back of a Chevy Blazer -

However, most of this shit not only has no place in a private jet, much less a car, but violates most states' Vehicle Codes in numerous ways and thus renders the car both dangerous and not street legal.
Pimp My Ride is a TV show.
by Grounder August 3, 2009
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