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"Daddy Bought Me My Rebellion, Inc."


"Let's defile the name and meaning of this music which at one time stood for something profound, but which is now merely a fashion statement dominating the list of things daddy needs to buy me for my thirteenth birthday."

"Hey, remember when punk rock meant something? No. Hey, let's give all our money to some twenty-something cokehead who lives with his parents and works in a trendy store which fills the pockets of some fat middle-aged man in a bad suit and a Ferrari."

"Hot Topic: Where slandering the punk scene is cool."

"Hot Topic: We kill punk with designer plaid pants."

"Hot Topic: We sell Clash shirts, even though the Clash would have kicked our asses."

"Hot Topic: Because even Operation Ivy turned into Rancid and then the Transplants, who sell thier songs to a shampoo company"

"Hot Topic: Because AFI used to be a hardcore band, but now are goth gods for eleventeen-year-olds."
Daddy, buy me goth clothes NOW.

Mommy, I have to be punk rock to fit in.

Mommy, the prep look is out. Buy me bondage gear!

Isn't Avril soooooo cool! Buy me a striped tie from Hot Topic!
by Grindcore December 27, 2003
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