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A girl at the Weedsport Invitational completely absorbed in the ingenuity of a 'Platypus'.
That Vulumputious Maria wouldn't stop sucking on Max Chapman's Platypus. (Not as perverted as it sounds.)
by Grimey May 26, 2003
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see racist

Darwin created the theory of evolution. This theory was widely accepted until recent scientific developments have enabled scores of scientists and nobel peace prizes winners to dissaprove it.

It was a racist theory, as Darwin stated in his second book that 'Negroes' where lesser developed than white western man, and would therefore be eventually wiped out.

His writings of this 'survival of the fittest' mentality paved the way for people to abandom things such as morals and human compasion, and instead pursue shitting on the heads of other to get ahead.
Darwin's work in inherently racist
by grimey February 10, 2005
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