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a causual or hardcore gamer who is a girl. very rare number of them, havent fonud any hardcore gamer chicks, jsut a few casual. a hardcore gamer girl, i agree, can feel inferior, cuz she isnt accepted by the hardcore guy gamers as easily. but that doesnt mean she has to win, the depends on how competitve a person is, which can go for guys too. so usually a hardcore gamer chick has much stronger beliefs cuz she has to prove herself so much more to be accepted as a hardcore gamer. and they do NOT all have battle cries. it all depends on how competitive u r and how u act. so the defintion above is off by a lot abut the personality. hardcore gamer chicks, game on!
a girl gamer....me, i just specialize in oldschool butwill play almost anything.
by GrimReaper476 October 20, 2006

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