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A label given to anyone who belongs to a sub culture of rock by chavs:
"Mosha's" are often seen as dirty, rude, gay/bi, an apparently their mum's get fucked reguarly by chavs, these are not true, most "mosha's" are not like this, and people who take pride in the sub culture they belive/follow will not call themselfs "mosha's" usually they are punks, goths, cyber goths, skinheads, indies, skaters or some bmx'ers which are proud to follow that exact subculture and do not want to be labled as a "mosha" often "mosha's" do not find the name offensive and it sounds rather silly.
chav: oi u fuckin mosha give me yer fuckin money

"mosha": shut up

chav: yer what m8 im gonna bang ya

"mosha": bang me with no lube? and im not your "m8"

chav: *confused look* yer fuckin mosha, arrrrrrrrrr i fucked yer mum

"mosha": indeed, i do not find "mosha" offensive and my mum is a lesbian

chav: fuckin dirty mosha

"mosha": shush child, think of a better name

chav: fuckin skank ed' *gets phone* ee ar m8 im gettin me home boi's down were gonna spark ya out!

"mosha": is that because you cant do it yourself?

chav: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa m8....

"mosha": indeed *walks away*

chav: *shouts obcenitys such as fuckin skank ed', dirty fuckin mosha, and i fucked ya mum ya dirty fuckin mosha go get a fuckin aircut'*
by Greg Hartley May 06, 2005

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