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Carabineis a slang term for labia, thought not many people know it's true origins. Not many people use this word, as it really is an underground word. It can be quite offensive when used in the right context.
1: My mom has a carabine.
3: Carabine is a seriously underground word.
by Greg A. Woodin October 10, 2007

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A rare way of kissing/snogging. Not many people use this way. They prefer sticking their tongues down the other person's throat.
I thought that she was going to do lip lap but she wanted to do tongues.

1st person: How did the kiss go?
2nd person: Terrible. I ended biting her tongue and she dumped right there on the spot.
Kissing veteran: Lip lap is harder than you think. You've got to time it just right!
by Greg A. Woodin August 04, 2007

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