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The highest level of greatness and pure, natural talent. Most people with Goon Status are either really funny or really sexy, or just a combination of both. There is no other level like this except Champion Status.
Man 1: "Yo man, did you see that girl?"
Man 2: "Yeah man, why? What happened?"
Man 1: "I tapped that ass last night and now she always wants The D."
Man 2: "Man, you finally reached Goon Status!!!!"
by Greenstone June 15, 2009
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An entrepreneur who also happens to be a stoner. Or a stoner who is also a business professional. Also known as a Stoner CEO.

Unlike traditional stoners, stonerpreneurs are hard-working, productive, and make more cash high on marijuana than you do sober.
I wish I worked for a stonerpreneur, then I could smoke weed at work.
by greenstone June 29, 2013
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