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The man who created the writing for the Cherokee people and made them literate
Seqoyah is cool
by Green Cappy October 15, 2021
Hi nigga how your doin'

I finna do some rap

I'm called Lil PP lol
by Green Cappy April 7, 2021
Misspelling of cyka (adaptive translation ) and of "suka" (just transliteration ) of сука , Bitch" in Russian.
Syka blyat!
by Green Cappy December 31, 2019
A guy who found parallel universes, faster than light speed in a simple game called super mario 64. And this only for touching the button A on the console only 0.5 times.
Pannenkoek2012 discovered how to BitFS in 0x, Wii VC only
by Green Cappy October 30, 2018
It has 4. definitions.
1. An animal from the family of crabs .

2. A zodiac sign (unicode :♋)
3. A horrible disease that kills so many people now it's the second reason why people die.

4. When something is cringy ( Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Tiktok). It came from the third definition because people believe that watching the Paul Brothers can give you a brain cancer. But, judging by their content, it's quite possible...

A:What animal is this? A crab?

B:No, a cancer.


A:What's your zodiac sign? Mine is cancer. B:
Bruh who tf cares.

A: Why did you die?
B: I had cancer.

A: sad bro 😔

A: what r u watching? That's cancer bro! Bruh , Logan Paul????
by Green Cappy January 12, 2020
what you say instead of niggas to your black friends to be more respectful lol

cuz it's king in amharic in ethiopia lmao (not like it matters to American niggas)
What's up my negus (niggaz)
by Green Cappy May 27, 2021
A word that means "homie" and that anyone can use as long as they're not being offensive.

People may say that it shoudn't be used because it comes from the offensive racist word nigger but come on words change meanings anyway. It also comes from negro which wasn't offensive in the beginning.

Racists would likely say nigger, not nigga, but fun guys who like Afro-American culture and slang such as rap would say nigga!
Hi nigga

Hi your my nigga!

Nigga what?

Let's go watch some sad nigga stories
by Green Cappy February 1, 2021