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A group of people who play the card game Magic; the Gathering. Generally lacking all social skills and completely lacking hygiene, Magic players spend all of their money on cards instead of t-shirts to cover their hanging gut or shampoo to wash their greasy hair. Do not feel sorry for these people, they can afford to be clean, they just chose not to. They would have time to get laid, but again, they chose not to.
Wow, that guy really smells bad......he must be a magic player.
Magic Players are creepy.
He didn't buy shampoo this month because he spent all his money on Magic cards.
by Gravy Face June 03, 2005
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A complex card game that is very expensive and has a vast and lonely following. Most players have less than perfect hygiene and a complete lack of social skills. The game consists of players pretending to be a wizard.
Wow, that guy plays Magic, he's a fucking loser!
Oh, he's a MAGIC nerd? Stay away!!!
The Filipino Mafia LOVE to play Magic.
Eww, he smells like a Magic player.
by Gravy Face June 03, 2005
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