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a graver is a goth mixed with raver, but in

1. goth + raver = mostly seen dancing at raves
Style: wide cargo pants with lots of pockets and material-strips hanging from sides, tight t-shirts, hair usually in dreads, or ponytails, or sometimes in some weird arrangment of ponytails, dreads and shaved sides, not to forget large boots beneath the wide pants, preferrably New Rocks or some platformed cybershoes, also large.
Colors chosen: all fo them, usually sticking to 2-3
Accessories: thin bracelets, and of course some nice sports sunglasses, red, blue, violet and reflective

2. industrial + raver = mostly seen at some sort of gabber/ hardcore/ darkcore/ terrorcore party, sometimes a GOA party as well.
Style: look up definition n.1
Colors: The preffered ones are not happy-go-lucky ones, as in pink, yellow, blue or whatever. Colors are preffered as in darker ones: red, military dark green, black, dark blue; or cyber-themed: one or two chosen colors that are neon and bright, that go in combination with prevailing black color
Accessories: look up definition n.1

Those that are generally more goth's than industrial fans, prefer going to goth clubs as well (meaning, ebm, synthpop, and so on), industrial types of ravers they either stic to darkcore, terrorcore, and if possible go to some harsh noise, industrial parties.

Sometimes a mix of an industrial + goth + raver is born. And thus is born the greatest party animal alive
www.etkool.tln.edu.ee/ neocide/ 080906photos/ 10.jpg
The examle of a graver, sadly the pants are barely seen
Take out the spaces only
by GraverGir November 28, 2006
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