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The hescher is a culture in society consisting of the most common of folk. These people enjoy their free time having fun or being creative. Their lack of money is a choice of life over work. The most common of hescher's work only when need be. However, some do hold down full time employment, but ususally, this is only for a few consecutive month's at a time. Getting fired is a common result when the hescher is to hungover to show up for work. This results in pick-up work through friend's or dropping in to the local temporary work agency's.
The hescher has been around since the dawn of man. These where the people that built the Pyramids, The Great Wall Of China, the roads and railways, our homes. When the big guy with the belly said "dig", the hescher grabbed a shovel. The modern day hescher can commonly be seen wearing old work clothes, such as old boots, jeans, plaid work jacket's.
The hesher is always dirty, always hungry, and always ready for a couple of beers and a couple of smokes. The hescher does the jobs in society that no one else wants to do, such as, digging ditches, or cleaning public toilets. The hescher is you and me.
by Grant Miller November 30, 2006
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