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Hot, funny, girl who just wants to have fun. Usually likes to dance and has a texting obsession. Everyone wants to be her friend. Mostly boys though but girls get very jealous and think she's a bitch. Guys always look at her and dump there girlfriends for her. Is sometimes a klutz and runs into things. Also loves soda.
Guy 1: Hey who is that cute girl that just walk into that door?

Guy 2: Oh, thats Mackenzie isn't she cute?

Girl 1: No, she's a freaking bitch. She's a man stealer!

Guy 2: She is hot!! I'm going out with her!

Guy 1: No you are not going out with her, I am so back off she mine!

Girl 1: Hey your not even aloud to go out with her your mine baby.

Guy 1: I would so dump u for her sweetie.
by Gotta luv April 23, 2009
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