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Ahhhhh, yes. The North Shore. If you don't know what it is, it's the mega rich upper-class subarban town that is directly north of Chicago. I can confidently talk about the North Shore, since I have grown up there my whole life and still live there. Ok, first of all, NOT EVERYONE is filthy rich. Most of the population here definitly is, but there are regular families with average (and yes, even below average incomes). Secondly, NOT EVERY girl is a snobby, stuck-up bitch that gets to drive a BMW (paid by daddy's credit card, of course). Duh, there are some TOTAL spoiled bitches that I've met, but I've also met a lot of nice people. And, not all the guys are rich jocks either. Sadly, there probably are more bitchy girls then there are nice ones though. Thirdly, I want to get one thing straight. Being wealthy has NOTHING to do with a someone's personality. The way their parents raised them and taught them has to do with how the kid will turn out. Me, for example. It's a fact that I live in a wealthier family, but I've been raised to not judge people and I have really good morals because of my parents. I'm EXTREMELY thankful that I can live the type of life I do, and I never take money for granted. I don't have any designer clothes, and I actually love to shop at thrift stores in Evanston. I have really awesome friends, and I'm not even that popular (well, New Trier is huge, so it's not easy to be popular anyways, lol). So basically, the North Shore can be bad, but it's not a nightmare. It doesn't matter anyways, because I've already decided I'm going to move to New York City, or just some far away place when I get older. Last thing; a lot of people from here say "Who WOULDN'T want to live here?! It's like, totally awesome!!!" To that, I say "A lot more people then you think.....dumbass"
A lot of people in the North Shore think they are "emo"

*emo boy 1* - "Hey Dan! Like my new Fall Out Boy shirt?! It's SOOOO original, isn't it?? Even though 500 other kids have this shirt, it doesn't matter, because I bought it FIRST!!!"
*emo boy 2*- "Totally! OMG, did I tell you?! I went to my usual stalking spot at Pete Wentz house, and he yelled to me "Tell you and your fucking friends to GO AWAY and stop digging in my garbage!" Dude, we're like, best friends now, I can totally feel it.
*emo boy 1* "That's sooo intense. Hey, wanna cut wrists after school at Sam's? I'm bringing the razors this time!!!"
*emo boy 2* "You know it!"
by Gotta Get Outta Here August 20, 2006
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