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This is a clothing brand that is for kids who do not live in California and desire to. They dig what they think is a social hotspot, and everybody plays up california. Southern California isn't that great of a place, and besides Hollister, California is actually up in dead center NorCal, where it can be rainy and crappy weather alot of the year. This company branch of A&F was just a way to prey on kids who want to be where it's "hip and happening." Its cool if you dig this clothing and actually live on the west coast, otherwise you are a poser. By the way, Most East Coast Hollister Stores Have A Live Camera Feed of Huntington Beach on a Large Plasma Screen. I'd call that a little obsessive.
OMG I am totally craving a vintage ripped jean and socal shortsleve polo-t from hollister co., and maybe a mocha-latte.
by GoodFriend November 23, 2006
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