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A pastime where one goes to Africa with one or more buddies and proceeds to 'Nail Hookers.'

This is done to see whether one has caught the HIV disorder due to the outbreak of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus among the population of Africa.

The proceeding day after the deed has been done, the one or more buddies would take a test to search for possible STD's. If one has contracted the virus, then they would lose, if both/all contracted the disease, then the winner would be the one who lived longest before developing full blown AIDS.
Eric: Hey man, you wanna play some African Vagina Roulette? I'm bored.
Nick: Sure, but lemme drink some milk real quick, be right there.
~72 hours later~
Eric: Holy balls, let's not do that again, my Ho got kinda scary.
Nick: Yeah dude, I think mine took off a layer of skin.
Eric: Okay, well, wanna get tested now?
Nick: Ummm... yeah, I guess....
~2 weeks later~
Eric: BYAH! I WIN Motherr Fkuerr!
Nick: Aww...... Wait, where's Brian, didn't he come with us?
Eric: Oh yeah, he's dead, his hooker killed him... A while ago, where've you been??
by God McJesus October 15, 2008

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