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A manga that can't make up it's mind on whether it's Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Korean. There is still debate as to it's origins. 1/2 Prince was originally a novel, adopted into manga form. It is staged in the future, and is about a girl who is provoked by her brother into playing a virtual reality game (in which you actually exist in the game) so she can prove girls are not as weak as he says. Because she is the first player, the creators of the game - on her request - change her character into a boy. Her avatar is extremely hot (known as a bishie) and imidiately attracts attention from the female community. The manga continues, focusing on Prince's (the main character's name in-game) growing popularity and his/her growing, soap opera-esque social issues.
God, 1/2 Prince is so much like my life; I'm a transexual with a gay guy and a confused cousin of mine trying to get with me.
by God's Sense of Humor June 28, 2011

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