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Uganda is a beautiful country found in East Africa, landlocked, lots of sceneries, summer all year round. It's capital is kampala, It's Governor is Julius Musenze Glass. currency is the shilling, about 30 million pipo (alot of women...sounds fun, but no). It's magnificent.
"I visited Uganda last year, believe me..it rocks"
by Glass-Shady February 18, 2005

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British slang for "one who masturbates", usually a teen-term. Roy Keane (Manchester United Midfielder) almost beat up a nerd who called him a wanker.
The 16-year old nerd, whose dad and mum are wankers, called Roy Keane a wanker. Keane should have shoved the moped up this nerd's A**.
by Glass-Shady March 03, 2005

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