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Anthonysaurus is a type of pterodactyl. He is known for having very strong arms and screeching very loud. He likes cars. A lot. He drives his girlfriend, Anjelikahsaurus, and her friend to the place with the BK fries and then yells at the microphone. He also throws his girlfriend around in the pool, causing her eyebrow ring to fall out.
Basically, an Anthonysaurus is a big, scary, mean, dinosaur. But he's also a really good boyfriend and really sweet.
But he's taken.
Example 1:
Anjelikahsaurus&Friend: We want fries. Large fries. BK FWIES.
Anthonysaurus: TWO LARGE FRIES!

Example 2:
Anjelikahsaurus: Rawr means 'I love you in dinosaur'.
Anthonysaurus: Rawwwrrwrwrrwrrwrwrwrwr.

Example 3:
Anthonysaurus: "SCREEECH" *throwsgirlfriendinpool*
by GirlVicious February 06, 2010

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