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"American Christian Taliban".

An American Christian Taliban is what results when the far Right American Christian fundamentalist zealots reach their goal of basing all law and government on their legalistic vision of Christianity.

Just as in Afghanistan when the religious zealots gained control of the government and we all saw television images of them beating women and forcing them to wear burkas and banning them from school and the workplace, we will have enforcement and toleration for more punishment in America, for things which are currently a matter of free choice.

Not all Christians--in fact most--do not agree that Church and government should mix; however, a vocal and influential zealous minority have been making significant progress since 2001 by installing practitioners in state, local and federal government positions, and who currently have favor in the White House and who are hijacking the good intentions of normal, rational Christians everywhere.
"Get it otta yo system, fool, coz ACT thugs gonna whack yo fo doing dat shit!"
by Gillmore July 16, 2005
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