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1. When a 5 year old is trying to explain what he did or is going to do or tell you about something but, since he has no concept yet in length of time to when it really happened or will in the future.

2. A generic "fill-in the blank" day when you really don't know or care about the right answer or your not really going to do it in the first place and blow it off.
Mom: So, Billy when did you make that gift for me at school?Billy answers very excited with a big proud of himself smile: "Oh, I made it like Nesterday or the day before or something!"

Or for the adult with a 5 year olds attitude: when someone calls you requesting a payment of some sort and wants to make arrangements and you answer them with (attitude of course) "Ya, I can pay you like uhm, nesterday. Usually then you end the phone call by giving them "click"and hanging up.

yesterday last time next time never last week next week some day day
by GiaMamaMia February 10, 2010

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